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Brand Specification: Sustainable Living - Home, Beauty and Wellness


Design Role: Brand Strategy, Identity and Visual Design 

                        Creative Direction

Idika, is an upcoming brand which aims to provide premium quality beauty, home and wellness products. The brand wants
to cater to a mid tier consumer base, making the products affordable while providing them with pure natural extracts and
no toxic components mixed with it.


Brand Philosophy

Gaea, Terra Mater, Mut, Jörð, Urash -

Throughout history and cultures, Earth has always
been a mother and a goddess. She birthed us, nurtured us and provided us with its infinite resources.
But extracting and refining these resources requires knowledge, precision and experience. The
foresight to only take what we need and return it
back to the source unadulterated – maintain the
sanctity of the Goddess.

The Logo

The Brand Strategy is uniquely translated to the visual design, which nurtures the thought of Sustainable Thinking and Responsibility towards the planet.

The Logo represents Mother Earth and the circle of Life. It symbolizes the symbiotic relationship shared by us with her.

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