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Boshun-In the Workshop

While the stages of concept and design development were being conducted inside the studio, this is the stage where we go and start making what we envisioned in the workshop!

Boshun - The final prototype

Our entire Process consisted of:

1. Cutting and Planing

The steam beech has arrived and we start off with it's planing and further cutting them into the required size. For this we followed a template working system, where we cut the CAD drawing prints and stuck them over the wood pieces for exact measurements and cutting.

2. Tenoning and Mortising

Using the Tenon and Mortise machines to make the same for fixing the side members of the backrests to the seat base.

Saurabh at the mortising Machine

3. Making the Legs on the Lathe

The legs of our Chair are spindles, to make the same we had to use the lathe to achieve the given varying diameter and a smooth finish.

4. Temporary Assembly of members for checking

We assembled all our members to see if they are fitting properly or not. It wasn't just for this but it also let us see if there are any alterations to be made in the size of the chair or not. In real life, especially when it comes to the workshop the prototype might be too big or small as compared to the CAD drawing. proving why making a prototype is so important.

That's me, checking the assembly

5. Reducing the length of the chair

Oh boy! So our biggest fear did come true, we are supposed to reduce the size of the chair by 5 1/2 " as it is too long a span and it's shaking a bit. here we are reducing the size of the side members by cutting it on the bent saw.

6. Making the Armrests and using a router to round the edges

The armrests of the seat are paddle shaped, hence the cutting had to be done precisely. It's very important to achieve the desired surface finish by proper sanding, something that you'd actually want to touch with a smooth surface contact.

7. Final Assembly

Final Assembly, fixing the chair

After all the efforts put into making Boshun and in all it's literal meaning the sweat we put into making it, there we had it standing in front of us after 12 hours of letting the glue to dry. Post that, we did the staining process to achieve the color of a dark walnut grain.

We went for a matt finish of the surface. Here are some snaps from the photo shoot:

The armrest

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