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Everything is a waste

You know what's the best part of design school? Well, it's still getting to enjoy a one month summer vacation post the intensive semester we had prior to this one. What's even more better is to start off a new module after all the fun and to get back to the grind.

Our new module is 'Scrap Innovation Design', where we are supposed to give all that is discarded a new meaning in terms of function, design and aesthetics. Above all of this, our brief is aiming to incorporate the 17 sustainable development goals to transform the world as stated by United Nations.

Sounds all easy, doesn't it? Trust me, it's much beyond this. For me the moment of realization arrived when I visited WOW Recycling centre in Ranip.

At WOW-recycling plant, Ranip

Introspecting at the junkyard

There are heaps of waste, it'll make you reconsider on an intuitive level as to whatever we purchase it's all going out there and being dumped. Our usage of plastic, lack of awareness towards recycling and upcycling. We might reuse things, but all of it is genuinely going to waste. My starting point was to change my approach towards reducing my usage of plastics and if i do, reusing it in such a way that it doesn't add on to the endless summit of a garbage mountain.

Treading our way through heaps of Paper and discarded waste of all sorts, everything there can have a meaning. Electronic waste, old furniture, rusted grills, plastics, fan covers, waste from automobiles, cardboard rolls from newspaper factories....it's endless.

For me it took three days of visiting this place on a continuous stretch to figure what I can possibly use to either create furniture or a range of products.

Cardboard Rolls

That one material which was lying in abundance were these cardboard rolls of different diameters which are discarded by the newspaper printing factories aka the press. The rolls are used to wrap the newspaper around the circumference, further fitted in the printer. The cardboard rolls have plastic caps fitted on the hollow ends to keep it sturdy.

I'm carrying few of these with me, to experiment and explore it's properties.

Cardboard rolls and tubes of varying diameters

The point that made me pick these were it's physical resemblance to bamboo and the vertical strength it exhibited.

The workers at the recycling plant don't identify this as cardboard, they call it 'Bamboo'.

I'm excited to work with these, yet to figure out what i'm supposed to make!

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