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Mumbai, Day 2-Industrial woodworking machinery workshop with CAPLE

After gathering our share of learnings from the industrial visit at Renam Retail in Vasai we proceeded to Mumbai the next day to attend an Industrial woodworking machinery workshop at CAPLE. One of India's Largest Industrial Machine Tool Trading House and Demo Cum Training Centre , CAPLE-stands for Consultancy in Application and Process Leading to Excellence.

We were introduced to Mr. Satyan Thukral, (CEO, Caple) who gave us a brief introduction about the firm and got us familiar with the woodworking machinery giant FESTOOL. The talk made us more aware as to how we can increase the efficiency of our work in the field of furniture design and product development by embracing the usage of highly advanced machinery which will not only allow us to make a well finished product but would be far more safe, fast and handy to use.

What Processes Caple delivers?

1. Solid Wood

2. Panel Processing

3. Four side Edge banding

4. Aluminium doors and window process

5. Flush door making process

6. Membrane Door Process

7. Postforming Process

Processes based upon assembly and production

1. PRELAM- when the lamination and liked processes are made in the factory shipped and assembled on site.

2. POSTLAM- When the lamination and linked processes are carried on the site itself.

Inferences- Processing on prelam is always better than Postlam

Important factors for the up given processes:

· Time

· Temperature

· Pressure

After discussing about these points we started off with our demonstration of different equipment by FESTOOL. The entire demonstration was done with handy machines such as circular saw, sander, edge banding, CXS cordless drill, Modular edge router, Plunge Cut Saw Machine, G Clamps.

Plunge Cut Track Saw TS 55 REQ-F-Plus - showing how the angle can be adjusted providing with effortless cutting with a low vibration and sound emission

ROTEX Sander-The multifunctional ROTEX epitomizes the strength of the Festool system. Move from aggressive material removal to fine sanding to polishing with the push of a button.

Sanding papers for the FESTOOL Sander.

Minifix MUlti table- provides with functions such as cutting, tenon and mortising etc. A multifunctional woodworking table, makes work faster and much more easier.

Post completing our training workshop all of us sat together to watch interesting videos on carpentry by The Hank, where we saw how Machinery by minifix and festool makes it possible for just one person to make a complete piece of furniture effortlessly. Talking about this we can't wait to get our hands dusty and start off with our workshop work soon!

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