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Mumbai, Day 3 - Visit to Godrej One

The past two days flew by really quickly with all our curious minds engrossed in seeking the art of industrial manufacturing and technical production through our visits at Renam and Caple. My third day in Mumbai was quite an eye opener as we visited the corporate towers of the industrial giant, Godrej based in Vikhroli, Mumbai. With all the excitement, we started our day early, caught a cab and reached the Godrej one towers at 9 am in the morning.

Installation of flying birds at the main lobby of Godrej and Boyce

As big as the name of the firm is, the office complex truly justified it’s name. On reaching the office complex, we headed to the innovation lab (walking by the magnificent murals and artworks in the lobby). Godrej Design Lab is meant for independent designers to partner with the industry and create their own concepts, by using the innovation lab and creating a force of designers Godrej being one of the oldest firms in India keeps it concept fresh and running. The innovation lab was divided into three sections: The workshop, Discussion rooms, Open discussion lounge and a collaborative workspace with modular softboards to create personal cubicles when someone wants to work individually.

An installation made with discarded typewriters

What grabbed my attention was the entire spatial planning of the office which allows people to view most of the corners and nooks of the office to create an open flow of discussion and visual union.

We were fortunate to see them working on a portable mini fridge for roadside vendors, right from their concept stage to their business development.

Getting done with the visit, we grabbed lunch at their in house food court, Hubble.

While it was a fun visit at the innovation lab, we even got to see the Godrej One Towers and the enormity of it.

The grand foyer at Godrej One

We visited GCPL where most of their product design happens. Our faculty, Trupti showed us around and gifted us a really cool Graphic Magazine. The office sparked these inner ambitions of actually considering to work there. Need I say more, they had their own Social Offline Outlet where me and my friends grabbed a beer to beat the heat!

Grabbing a beer with my friend Xara

Exploring the lawns and exhibition spaces at Godrej One

It was a fun day which put us on a plethora of exposure towards how India is actually doing great in providing designers with an optimum work environment with an ever increasing scope in the industry, giving them a chance to grow.

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