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Rolling with Rolls

On my previous blog post I spoke about how I picked up cardboard rolls from the recycling centre and shall be exploring possibilities with it for my module of design innovation from scrap. After assessing the physical attributes of the rolls by merely touching and observing them, I knew it wasn't enough.

I have to dive in deep and see can it anyhow contribute to the 17 goals of sustainable development, can his material which available in such abundance be used for creating something meaningful for the masses? For searching upon this theme, it's necessary for me to document the properties which arrived when my guide Mr. Pravinsinh Solanki asked me to forget everything, go to the workshop and cut the rolls in different sizes and forms.


1. Physical strength:

  • Strength, tolerance, straightness in compliance with specifications of the cardboard tube

  • Smooth surface, low waviness and roughness

  • Straight winding, bending resistance

2. Cutting in smaller modules

  • On cutting it at different angles the modules can be weaved.

  • Stacking of the modules by sticking a tube of a smaller size into the bigger roll, it acts like a puzzle.

Stacking of diagonally cut pieces

On adding more pieces to this module and weaving it, it could be a lamp

3. Knots and crosses

Knotting the tubes with rope for a swing

For now, I'm gaining clarity as I work more with this material and explore further possibilities. I see how a range of products can be created as well as a stable and sturdy piece of furniture can be crafted through this as well. Wish me luck all of you, send in any thoughts that you might have after seeing this material and upon reading my blog! Running to the workshop now.

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