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Solved Labs

Brand Specification: Healthcare 

Design Role: Brand Strategy, Identity and Visual Design 

                        Creative Direction

‘Solved.’ is a brand which works on the ‘Eudaimonistic’ approach to well being. There’s alot of information out there which confuses the customer,  ‘Solved.’

clears the white noise by curating what works for each individual safely and effectively.

So in simple words, ‘solved.’ cuts out the noise and helps you reach the goal faster.

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Brand Guidelines

The design process started with the brand strategy, SWOT Analysis, Target Audience and identifying the purpose.


All of which was further translated in the visual design. 


The deliverables included:

1. Logo Design/ Logo Variations.

2. Typography and colour

3. Fundamentals for creative representation

4. Collaterals and Merchandise

Packaging and Label Design

Solved Labs is a Pharmaceutical Company which aims on creating diverse umbrellas of healthcare, beauty and wellness products.


The first one in the series being Multi Vitamin capsules for a Strong Gut and Improved Immunity.


The approach behind designing the label is extremely simple:

1. Colour Coding which helps to form an easy identification system for a given line of products.


2. Hierarchy of Text, wherein 'Solved For' highlights the purpose

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